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Individual approach: The most important principle of work of Langa Co. is an individual approach to each client and product. In designing a packing, not only the shape and dimensions of an article to be packed are taken into account, but also the whole spectrum of individual peculiarities, the nature of potential contingent of consumers', for whom a product is intended, and other aspects, which allow to make a functional, sales-promotive packing.

Opportunity for option: As a rule, the company's specialists work out and offer to customer for choice of option several variants of packing design, one of which is further approved and introduced into production. At that, a customer pays only manufacturing costs.

Delivery of finished products : The well-developed branch network of the company makes it possible to cooperate successfully with enterprises of all regions of Russia, and of Western Europe as well. Delivery of finished products at customer's warehouse, and settlement of any kind of customs questions, are obligatory components of the servicing offered by Langa Co.


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