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April 10, 1991 - foundation of the engineering-production company “Langa”
1995 - opening of a subsidiary in Moscow, Russia
1995 - company “Langa” becomes a member of the “SOYUZUPAK”
1996 - company “Langa” joins the Latvian package manufacturers’ association as one of its founders
1997 - purchase of modern computer workstations SILICON GRAPHICS O2 and software EUCLID 3.2 (developed by the company MATRA DATAVISION) for three-dimensioned design of technological equipment and development of NC-programs
1997 - the blister package for coins ordered by the Mint of Russia located in St Petersburg wins the first prize in the world package competition «World Star -1997»
1998 - opening of a subsidiary in St Petersburg, Russia
1998 - opening of a subsidiary in Dusseldorf, Germany
1998 - opening of a subsidiary in Òolyati, Russia
1998 - a hard polymer film production line put into operation
2000 - purchase and introduction of modern software CATIA 5.5 (developed by the company DASSAULT SYSTEMES (IBM) for three-dimensional modeling of fixings. Purchase of IBM INTELLISTATION M-PRO workstations
2001 - the correx for cakes wins the first prize in the competition for the best package of Latvia and the special prize “For friendliness to the environment” of the Latvian Package Institute
2001 - the set of figure correxes ordered by the German confectionery factory “Bremer Chokolade Fabrik Hachez GmbH & Co” receives the gold medal of the competition “Package – Russian Star - 2001”
2001 - installation of the latest thermal forming equipment, the production capacity increases to 20,000,000 units per month
2002 - a factory for production of accordion-pleated paper partitions and correxes for the confectionery industry in St Petersburg
2003 - purchase of a processing center with equipment OKUMA MB-46V for manufacturing of the technological fixings
2004 - purchase of a processing center OKUMA H-500 with equipment for processing of large-size fixings
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