“Langa” celebrated its 14th Birthday.
April 10th 2005 firm “Langa” celebrated its 14th Birthday.
14 years ago a small firm in Riga, which produced plastic wares, was rearranged in an ingenier-productioning firm “Langa”. Since that time the main profile of firm is packaging production. A long time ago, 1991, workers of “Langa” understood, that plastic wares need to have a good package. So firm employees decided to work out their own package and they did it well. The result was so, that the packaging production became the main role in manufacturing and the plastic wares production was left in the past.

At the moment “Langa” is producing more than 200 millions packaging wares, and 40 millions cushion pads a year. In a list of “Langa” clients there are many well known confectionery and consumer goods manufacturers from Russia and Europe. The production base of the company is represented by modern equipment. Lots of work outs of firm were rewarded by many international packaging associations.

It’s Birthday “Langa” celebrated without stopping working. But the collective of the main factory in Riga couldn’t resist eating the Birthday cake and we can see it on the photo.

Svetlana Savchuk
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