Blister packages


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Blister package is a modern economical type of package for small-size industrial goods. A blister package comprises two parts: a blister made of a hard polymer film by thermoforming and a cardboard label. Subject to the packed product configuration, the blister can be joined with the label on a special semiautomatic welding-on machine or fastened to the label with bent edges of the blister (the so called blisters).

Blister boxes are a kind of blister packages applied by the industrial goods manufacturers and recently becoming more and more popular. Blister boxes are a kind of self-closing package made of hard polymer film (most often transparent).

Besides protection of the products against mechanical damages, which is an important function by itself, the blister package has an increasing importance for protection of the product against forge. The illegal companies have found out that often manufacturing the “illegal” blister package is even more difficult than copying of the well-known brand product itself. The development of the thermal formation enables the manufacturers to produce modern blister package containing elements of technological protection (engraving, spatial slitting, stable quality in case of deep stretching) impossible to copy using illegal methods.

Range of packed products:

metalwares, small-size motor-vehicle spare parts, stationery, toys, cosmetics and perfumery, as well as other consumer goods.


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