Rosupak 2004 - results
The largest Russian package exhibition “ROSUPAK-2004” took place in Moscow
from the 14th till 18th June.

“Langa” have presented its latest developments in packaging production. Mostly,
visitors were interested in new blister-boxes constructions, which are becoming
more popular among small-sized consumer goods’ manufacturers. Also, visitors
have paid much attention to trays made of non-standard colored tape as well as
to new cushion pads with colored top layer, manufactured by the order of

Lots of negotiations with both new potential and existing Clients and Partners
have been lead during the exhibition.

Photos from “ROSUPAK-2004” exhibiton, Moscow, 14th-18th June 2004.

“Langa”’s stand. Working atmosphere, negotiations.

Moscow branch “Langa-M” employees near the company’s stand.

Discussion of current problems. St-Petersburg factory director and sales
department manager are taking part in discussion.
Svetlana Savchuk
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